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May 2nd

by on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Down at the River Tay on a typical spring four-seasons-in-one day. At least hailstones don’t get you wet.
Many people ask me what fly fishing is all about and actually a fishing fly can represent a whole number of things that a fish will eat. But in it’s purest form fly fishing is about representing these little guys. This is a March Brown (although in Scotland they mostly appear in April) It is a type of mayfly, which emerges from the riverbed and flies off to mate. When they appear on the surface of the river the trout feed avidly on them and a imitation fishing fly made of feathers is cast infront of them.
Here’s one that fell for the ruse …

30th of April

by on Thursday, April 30th, 2015

I’ll give you no guesses where this is. It is interesting that despite a great nation stuffed with ancient monuments, cities, castles and palaces that this relatively modern structure is the supreme icon of France. You can buy an Eiffel Tower shaped anything. But I have to say that as a piece of ironmongery the spectaular Forth Rail Bridge beats it hands down. An it takes you places.
Notre Dam Cathedral, home of Quasimodo and his bells. It took centuries to build, amazingly detailed stonework.
An appropriate image as Sandy is currently rehearsing as The Mad Hatter in a local production of Alice in Wonderland.
On a walk through the International University campus we stumbled upon some serious swords-people. They are attached to the walls and hits are registered electronically.

28th of April

by on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Malcolm lads on tour..The Three Amigos had a short trip to Paris as part of a ‘Sandy stick in at your French’ campaign. We slogged around the sites with many stops to take on coffee and pastries, but only scratching the surface of this wonderful capital city. On the banks of the Seinne.
The most popular lady in France. Out of many thousands of paintings in Paris galleries this is the one everybody wants to see. Is it all hype? It’s hard to get close enough to find out…
The original Statue of Liberty in the Musee d’Orsay. I have one at home only slightly smaller than this that used to have maple syrup in it…
You can only vulture so much culture so a day to Eurodisney was in order. It’s like Disneyland but in er Europe…

31st of March

by on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

first trout
The trout season has begun with a wimper and this is the the only fish I caught throughout the chilly winds of March. After six months of angling cabin fever the second half of March usually offers a couple of good warm still days but not this time. I’ve been relatively quiet on the musical front, although I am researching a lot of new material and planning a live concert album hopefully to be recorded in Perth in August. I’m finding it hard not to get very excited about the forthcoming UK general election (May 7th). Scotland remains lit up politically and the polls show the Scottish National Party may have their best results ever. Interesting times…

3rd of February

by on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Been working hard way out West. Travelling up from California to Oregon, too tired to get out and look at the trees – so I did drive through….