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Out now, a brand new CD from Jim and Susie Malcolm, Auld Toon Shuffle. Please visit our shop (see menu on right).

Jim and Susie Malcolm’s Tour of Scotland We lead two folk music tours of Scotland each year. We are fully booked for 2024 but if you are interested in joining us in 2025 or any future year, please email susie at jimmalcolm dot com.

Jim and Susie Malcolm

“One of the finest talents to have emerged through the Scottish folk scene in years”
—The Independent

“Jim Malcolm’s voice has the complex individuality of an aged single-malt whisky”
—Boston Globe

“One of those pure, warm Scottish folk voices one never tires of listening to”
—Dirty Linen

STMA Winner 2004 STMA Nominee 2005 STMA Nominee 2008