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Auld Toon Shuffle

Jim and Susie Malcolm

by Jim and Susie Malcolm/Beltane Records 2022


Our latest collaboration, a collection of traditional and modern songs from Scotland.

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The Berries

Jim and Susie Malcolm

by Jim and Susie Malcolm/Beltane Records 2019


Spring Will Follow On

Jim and Susie Malcolm

by Jim and Susie Malcolm/Beltane Records 2017

Spring Will Follow On (cover)

Jim and I have been singing together since we met 25 years ago, and over the past couple of years we’ve been looking for old and new songs to reinvigorate our repertoire. So here’s a selection of traditional and more contemporary songs we found and loved, set alongside two new compositions form Jim based on popular fiddle turns. We hope to be singing these many years to come. —Susie Malcolm


Live in Perth 

(Note—that’s Perth, Scotland not the city named after
it in Australia.)

By Jim Malcolm /Beltane Records 2015

CD cover (Live in Perth)

This is a rewarding selection of old and modern Scottish folk song, recorded live with no studio jiggery pokery, in front of a lively audience of fans, friends and family in August 2015.


The Corncrake
By Jim Malcolm /Beltane Records 2014The CorncrakeThis album is really the second half of a collection of traditional Scottish songs that began on my 2013 album Still. 12.00gpb

By Jim Malcolm /Beltane Records 2013Still (2013)

Disaster for Scotland
The Satirical Songs of Jim Malcolm
By Jim Malcolm /Beltane Records 2012


Sparkling Flash
By Jim Malcolm /Beltane Records 2011Sparkling Flash cover

Jim Malcolm Songbook – Volume 1


Fourteen Jim Malcolm songs, each with lyrics, melody line and detailed notation for guitar in the folk tuning DADGAD, with an illustrative DVD which shows how Jim accompanies his songs. Also includes suggested chords for playing the songs in standard tuning, and chord progressions to get you playing in DADGAD with confidence.

See the song listings here.

Book – 16.00gbp

Jim Malcolm’s Bard Hair Day
Jim Malcolm brings Rabbie back to life in a heartwarming and hilarious musical and comical tribute. A must for Scots the world over. The DVD is compatible with all DVD players.
DVD – 12.00gbp

The First Cold Day
By Jim Malcolm/Beltane Records 2009

By Jim Malcolm / Beltane Records 2007

Tam o’ Shanter & Other Tales
By Jim Malcolm / Beltane Records 2005
is available as a digital download for purchase from BUY.

Live in Glenfarg
By Jim Malcolm / Beltane Records 2004

By Jim Malcolm / Beltane Records 2002

By Jim Malcolm /Beltane Records 2000

By Jim Malcolm / Greentrax 1998

Available for purchase on iTunes and other major platforms

By Jim Malcolm / Greentrax 1995

Old Blind Dogs Play Live
By Old Blind Dogs / Green Linnet 2003

Tipsy Courting
By Susie Allan / Ardo 1998
Available from iTunes here:

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