by on October 28th, 2014

Been zipping across the South West on a US tour and have reached New Mexico via Arizona. I’ve been working hard with very little time to post anything. Thanks to all the wonderful folks in both states who have made this a great start. This wing mirror snap is of Mt Picacho north of Tucson, the site of the most western battle in the Civil War.
Here are the Organ Mountains east of Las Cruces with the largest roadrunner in the world. Wiley Coyote does’t stand a chance…

21st of October

by on October 21st, 2014

Nice ass.. and the sculpture is good as well.. Susie outside the pretty hill village of Estellencs.
You can’t beat ripe fruit plucked from the tree when its still warm… these are persimmons or sharon fruit which we get picked when they are still bullet hard.
Sporting highlight of the holiday was a cricket match between Methlick (the Aberdeenshire village where Susie’s family come from and mostly live near) and the Mallorca Cricket Club. It was Sandy’s first ever game and he played very well, seen here after his ‘innings’ with big sis Beth. I also played but unfortunately have seriously damaged my shoulder bowling and am now deeply regretting it..
Cricket is usually played on grass, but being so high maintenance in desert climes the Mallorcans play on clay with artificial grass in the central square. You certainly didn’t want to be diving around saving fours on this stuff. Oh, Mallorca narrowly beat Methlick with Susie’s brother Jay top scoring with a swashbuckling 51.

20th of October

by on October 20th, 2014

More hol snaps, as we were travelling on El Cheapo airlines (where they’ve almost figured out a way to charge you for the air you breathe) we had to hire a guitar for the assembled strummers. This musical candelabra was in the music shop in Palma
Also a display of Balearic folk instruments which includes some form of bagpipes. According to a piping pal every european country has its own set of pipes, although some are more impressive than others.. allegedly the Swedish one looks like a rat with knitting needles inserted in various orifices.
Susie’s nephew Jason Allan performed admirably at one of the nightly entertainments. Note the human microphone stand, it actually worked pretty well.

19th of October

by on October 19th, 2014

Just back from a large family get-together on the Spanish Island of Mallorca to celebrate Susie’s Dad’s 75th and her brother Jay’s 50th. There were about twenty of us flew out there and stayed at a resort where Susie’s family used to holiday when she was a youth. We were staying in a big white beach hotel mostly full of Germans and were on an all-inclusive deal with food and even booze… pounds were not being spent but unfortunately also not being shed. I have returned looking somewhat pregnant. Ive always wondered why people are so content to hang out all day by the pool – it’s because they are so full up. Anyway a great time was had by all, and I will post some more pictures over the next couple of days, featuring stuff we did when not stuffing ourselves. Here is the pool in front of the hotel which was not heated and infact colder than the sea. I never got beyond the testicles.
I’m now very busy getting ready for another trip to the US that starts this Wednesday.

10th of October

by on October 10th, 2014

Out on the river Tay today. In the distance is the bridge that I want my ashes scattered from. When I told my brother in law this he stated that he wanted his ashes thrown into the eyes of his enemies…outstanding one-liner that has a ring of truth to it knowing him..
Interesting incident across the river. Two salmon anglers had just very strenuously and hazardously dragged a boat over a mile upstream back to the fishing station. Seemingly because the outboard engine had failed. I overheard them saying to the effect that the engine had fallen off into the water because they had not properly secured it. They were composing an ‘alternative account’ for the owner who was about to show up. Sound travels well across a river, and into my flappy ears..
Downstream where they had dragged the boat up some rapids…
Caught a few fish – nothing special, lost the biggest one as usual- not just an angling figure of speech I can assure you. This one refused to have its picture taken. A lovely afternoon out in stunning autumnal Perthshire.