4th of January 2017

by susie on January 4th, 2017

Happy New Year folks! I was singing once again at a Hogmanay bash at the Dunkeld House Hotel in bonnie Perthshire. I think for the sixth year in a row – We are calling it Groundhogmanay! The band were giving it the usual laldy with the clientele all nicely scrubbed,dolled up and hoooching away the final moments of an ‘interesting’ year. From the left are Pete Clark on fiddle, Gregor Lowrey on box, Graham Mulholland on pipes and whistles, Steve Gillies on guitar, Erik knussen on bass and Jen Knussen on harp and fiddle. As usual the band stayed up till the larger small hours, with a great session when I even played “King of the Swingers” on the trumpet, which I’ve now been playing for a whole year – my only resolution that has ever made it out of January.
Have a brilliant year !
I have uploaded a clip of the band playing to my Facebook page

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