5th of October

by susie on October 5th, 2015

The excellent weather has finally broken here in Perth, today is wet and horrible. Here’s a snap from a couple of days ago looking north from the old bridge.
It’s also the end of the trout fishing season, which was good over the summer because it was wetter than usual. This fish was caught on the Tay back in May and ended up on a plate with asparagus and scalloped potatoes…
It’s also the end of the Lawn Bowling season; there’s a club just opposite where we live. For those that have not seen it played, it’s a bit like Curling on grass. The grass is perfectly flat, absolutely worshipped by the members and is loving treated over the winter to keep it positively Wimbledon standard. Friends of ours from Arizona were staying at our house while we were away on holiday, and not knowing that the grass was sacred actually kicked a football about on it. Luckily they were advised to stop before any of the bowlers saw them or they would have been lynched!

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