13th of March

by susie on March 13th, 2012

The frogs have appeared early after this period of mild weather

They seem to be enjoying each others company…..

A heart stoppingly beatiful view on the Earn.

Two blood stained hills. To the right Dupplin, where in 1332 a Scottish, army coming down from the high ground, was innihilated by English massed archers. To the left above Dunning, the most probable site of Mons Grapius the only major pitched battle between the Romans and the Caledonians around 80 AD.

After both battles the river was said to have run red with blood….

“kent his feather”

Lots of courting going on….

Gorse…. the flowers have a coconutty taste.

The Fergusson Gallery, Perth, where they have a collection of paintings by Adam Ferguson the famous Scottish Colourist

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