SongbookFourteen Jim Malcolm songs, each with lyrics, melody line and detailed notation for guitar in the folk tuning DADGAD, with an illustrative DVD which shows how Jim accompanies his songs. Also includes suggested chords for playing the songs in standard tuning, and chord progressions to get you playing in DADGAD with confidence.

  1. Achiltibuie
  2. Battle of Waterloo
  3. Blindness of my Youth
  4. Corrievrechan
  5. Fields of Angus
  6. Flowers of Edinburgh
  7. Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders
  8. Lochanside
  9. Lochs of the Tay
  10. Losin’ Auld Reekie
  11. Neptune
  12. Road to New York
  13. Sir Patrick Spens
  14. When the Night is Young
  15. DADGAD D chord cycle (these five pages are to help guitar players play
    in this open tuning)
  16. DADGAD G chord cycle
  17. DADGAD C chord cycle
  18. DADGAD A chord cycle
  19. Notes on strummed G, D/F# bass and F chords

Book – 16.00gbp