24th of November

by susie on November 24th, 2015

Jim Robertson in Virginia is a wonderful musician with a fabulous collection of musical instruments that he had to shift in order that I could perform at his house. This is the good stuff that has hard cases.
A two hour tailback on the way to my final gig at Catoctin Creek distillery, which deprived me of my afternoon nap! The gig was great, by the gleaming stills and amongst the barrels.
I roosted with lovely folks Tracy and Richard in Loudon Co Va. They helped me get the critical end-of-tour packing sorted out and plied me with some select malts. Snapped this majestic bald eagle on the way to the airport, it was even closer but flew up to a tree when I pulled over. Thanks America for another wonderful trip. Enjoy Thanksgiving on Thursday and I’ll enjoy St Andrews Night on the 30th!

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