19th of October

by susie on October 19th, 2014

Just back from a large family get-together on the Spanish Island of Mallorca to celebrate Susie’s Dad’s 75th and her brother Jay’s 50th. There were about twenty of us flew out there and stayed at a resort where Susie’s family used to holiday when she was a youth. We were staying in a big white beach hotel mostly full of Germans and were on an all-inclusive deal with food and even booze… pounds were not being spent but unfortunately also not being shed. I have returned looking somewhat pregnant. Ive always wondered why people are so content to hang out all day by the pool – it’s because they are so full up. Anyway a great time was had by all, and I will post some more pictures over the next couple of days, featuring stuff we did when not stuffing ourselves. Here is the pool in front of the hotel which was not heated and infact colder than the sea. I never got beyond the testicles.
I’m now very busy getting ready for another trip to the US that starts this Wednesday.

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