10th of October

by susie on October 10th, 2014

Out on the river Tay today. In the distance is the bridge that I want my ashes scattered from. When I told my brother in law this he stated that he wanted his ashes thrown into the eyes of his enemies…outstanding one-liner that has a ring of truth to it knowing him..
Interesting incident across the river. Two salmon anglers had just very strenuously and hazardously dragged a boat over a mile upstream back to the fishing station. Seemingly because the outboard engine had failed. I overheard them saying to the effect that the engine had fallen off into the water because they had not properly secured it. They were composing an ‘alternative account’ for the owner who was about to show up. Sound travels well across a river, and into my flappy ears..
Downstream where they had dragged the boat up some rapids…
Caught a few fish – nothing special, lost the biggest one as usual- not just an angling figure of speech I can assure you. This one refused to have its picture taken. A lovely afternoon out in stunning autumnal Perthshire.

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