14th of January

by susie on January 14th, 2018

Staggeringly good brushwork – Popped into Perth Museum yesterday to see Landseer’s iconic ‘Monarch of the Glen’ which has been bought by the Scottish National Gallery from a big whisky company and is currently touring the nation. It was commissioned for the rebuilt House of Lords in London back in Victorian times but never displayed there, and had been in private collections ever since. It is known mainly for the many, many knock offs and reproductions it has spawned over the following centuries, but the original is huge and truly breathtaking. The ruggedness of the mountainside says The Trossachs to me – very much Rob Roy country. Bound to get any hill walkers pulse racing. We had to tie Susie down after she saw it or she would have been off to the hills (which are strictly for separating the rivers as far as I’m concerned!)

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