8th of October

by susie on October 8th, 2014

I’ve been mooching about indoors for the last few days as the weather has been iffy. But this morning was beautiful so I sallied forth on my rusty bike. Here is a field of potatoes being harvested or ‘lifted’. When I was a kid potatoes were all picked off the ground by hand mostly by schoolchildren. Infact we had a special ‘tattie holiday’ in October for two weeks to allow our children to be fully exploited. It was backbreaking work but seemed to be well payed and was very social as so many pickers were required. These machines have completely replaced the pickers but the holiday still exists which I’ve christened the ‘couch potato holidays’ as kids are unlikely these days to strain much more than their thumbs on what ever gismo is in fashion – Harrummph! In the distance is Methven Castle, close to the site of The Battle of Methven in 1306 where the followers of Robert the Bruce were routed by an English army shortly after he had seized the Scottish Throne. But he tried and tried again as we will surely have to…
Huntingtower Castle those of you familiar with the cover of “Bard Hair Day’ will recognise this edifice.  James the Sixth and First was once ‘held’ here as a youth during his minority. It also features in a well known song in which a suitor jumps from one tower to another in the middle of of the night in order to press his attentions on the lairds lovely daughter..
The Old Bridge at Perth, as busy as ever, we live across the river and up the hill abit.

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