26th of May

by susie on May 27th, 2012

Susie and I are Just back from our ten day musical tour of Scotland. We took a group of good folks from the US around Caledonia singing all the way and visiting some of our favourite places. Here’s a view from Edinburgh Castle

The famous One o’clock Gun, shortly after it had been fired, (the gunner is holding the spent shell case) You can just see the Forth Rail Bridge peeking out behind a hill in the distance.

Mons Meg, a massive sixteenth century cannon now kept at the castle but which was used in several seiges including Tantallon and Roxburgh castles.

Our trip was mostly dry, but a day of stormy weather left some snow on the high ground. Ben Wyvis from the memorial cairn on Culloden Moor.

Looking back from the Culloden battlefield at the excellent new visitors centre.

Urquart Castle which we reached by boat along Loch Ness

The castle from the land. Once a great royal medieval stronghold, at a stategic point between the wild western clans and the more fertile loyal lands to the east. A trebruche like this replica was used by Edward I to seige the castle in the 1290s.

We stayed in the beautiful town of Tobermory on the Island of Mull.

The view from our hotel

The fifteen year old cask strength Tobermory we tasted went down very well!

Iona Abbey, one of the most important religious settlements in Scottish history since St Columba brought christianity to pagan scotland in the 7th century. It is the burial sight of more tha sixty Scottish Irish and Norwegian Kings.

Tomb stones of sixteen century clan cheftains buried on the island, once lying open to the elements, now preserved indoors

I stepped in a bog taking this picture….

Looking back to the Isle of Mull from Iona

Through the window of the medieval nunnery

Duart Castle the seat of the Macleans of Mull.

In the garden of Robert Burns’ cottage Alloway

The kitchen garden behind the most famous cottage in Scotland.

Tam o Shanter, a scene from the famous morality tale which is set around the old Kirk at Alloway

The old haunted Kirk of Alloway.
Ill be adding more snaps and loner comments soon….
Thanks to all the lovely folks who came with us for making it such a magical trip…

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