by susie on March 9th, 2012

Was down south of Edinburgh today recording some harmonica for an old friend Scott Murray. I swung by this village where stayed for a while, whilst a student at Edinburgh University.

It’s a very picturesque spot.

The village is centered around this ancient church where the Knights Templar apparently used to hang out. It is quite close to Roslyn Chapel and shares in the Holy Grail lore.

Went for a wee stroll along here…

This has been a winter of very strong winds.

On the way home across the Forth Road Bridge which runs alongside the iconic Forth Rail Bridge the most beautiful bridge in the world (I’m biased) You only see the top half of it here….

With fuel at over ten bucks a gallon here you don’t often see Hummers . Perhaps he owns a refinery….

Bet you didn’t know that the Amerian currency is named after a wee place in Scotland

Turn off here for Crook of Devon, a settlement famously twinned with the Thief of Bagdad.  – I’ll get my coat…..

“Come all ye Kinkardine lads…hi dum a doo dum a dadio….”

Loch leven Castle is situated on a island in the middle of Loch Leven, the  world famous trout fishery. Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned there after she was deposed, but escaped with the help of a page boy who got chop for his troubles. She was captured by the English after losing a battle at Langside near Glasgow and ended her sorry life in England where she was eventually beheaded. In those days the water was much higher and only the castle was above water.

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