6th of October 2011

by susie on October 6th, 2011

Greetings from Autumnal Perth. Here is the Old Bridge and Tay Street, taken from the New Bridge but enough about bridges. Shortly after this moment it started to rain, a commodity not rare this year. As a result the river has been in beautiful nick this season although short of trout due to the winter plague of cormorants, blah, blah, glaze over….


Come with me along Tay Street and I’ll show you something interesting carved on the wall along the river – which is really part of the flood defence system but don’t tell anybody.
Ecce Tiber – Behold The Tiber, The Romans came here and it reminded them of home, something to do with the surrounding hills and the river. But what did they ever do for us? Not much, except cower in their forts. Here was the first real frontier of their Empire that stretched from Persia. We were too fierce and perhaps not worth the sandal. The shellfish is a swan mussel for which the Tay is famous as a source of pearls. See lyrics to Fields of Angus
A few words about the great tour I had in September from Kansas City across to Boston. I forgot to take my camera so unfortunately no pics. But despite getting well broiled in the unusually  high temperatures I had a very pleasant trip meeting up with loads of old friends and even getting out for the odd days fishing. I’d like to thank everyone whose sterling efforts made it possible and I hope to get the chance to trouble you all again sometime soon. I will be posting a few snaps that good folks have sent me soon. I am going to be posting on my guest page from now on to try and encourage a bit more activity.

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