23rd of February

by on February 23rd, 2014

Sunday is family day, and as it was very poor weather a trip to Stirling Castle was run up the flag pole… though not every one saluted it…
Outside the castle.. it’s fairy clear who the dissenter was….
Steep bits round the back….
A well oiled gargoyle…
Er..slightly forgot to take many decent pictures of the many ancient and wonderfully interesting features inside. Here are some replicas of the famous Stirling Heads commissioned by James V…
DSC_0014 2
Inside the Great Hall which was really.. er ..great.
The castle houses the Museum of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders..this is their most famous moment at Sebastopol where they formed the now legendary Thin Red Line…
Military museums always have lots of paintings of royalty. Queen Elizabeth II of England but only the first of Scotland.. a numerical slight that many Scots have long been touchy about…
King Robert the Bruce whose victory at Bannockburn in 1314 led to the re-establishment of Scottish independence. Will its 700th anniversary see a similar result? In the background stands the inspirational Wallace monument..
Argyll Lodgings, a handsome 16/17th century town house close to the castle..
Looking down the street from the Stirling Castle grounds. A very picturesque town..
‘A crook in the Forth is worth an earldom in the north’…An old saying alluding to the relative fertility of lowland and highland Scotland…Looking west from the castle along the Forth valley..
The monument to William Wallace who began and inspired the fightback towards independence over seven hundred years ago..although he himself met a very grizzly end..
DSC_0032 2
A truly stunning place…..

11th of February

by on February 12th, 2014

DSC_0001 copy
Donegal lass Anne Keator in Tualatin has a cheery numberplate..
It’s the other way round – I’m heading home from Seatac airport…
A wee shrine to one of the several Jimmys who set me on the road to pecuniary er proffessional musicianship…
Good old BA – that’s if they continue to let me on with my geetar. Thanks a million to all the wonderful West Coasters who have made it another memorable and magical trip to the edge of the world…

9th of February

by on February 9th, 2014

It’s gone all Narnia here near Portland….. driving has been somewhat white knuckled with up to 12 inches of snow and precious little ploughing…nearly ended up in a semi-sandwich on the freeway down from Washington…more biscuits of scariness.. but the shows went on…I’m Scottish after all.. big thanks to Sam and Anne..

8th of February

by on February 8th, 2014

Serious mountainage. Mt Baker…. who he?
Scary,scary mountain…. you need a beer after a terrifying decent….Made the rookie mistake of going straight to top in a cosy little gondola…. stepped out on to the top of a steep summit and soiled myself…came down the top bit like a limpet with a bad limp..scary biscuits…
As steep as a steeplejacks steepling lessons… bring your own underwear…

4th of February

by on February 5th, 2014

Photo on 04-02-2014 at 17.14
Sloped solo off to the slopes…..View from my hotel room