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23rd of September

by on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Well folks, If you didn’t already know the Yes campaign fell short in the Scottish Independence Referendum. It has been a tough few days, especially as the extra powers that the No side were frantically promising now seem to be conveniently undeliverable. My grief has been slightly shifted by catching this lovely trout on my day off yesterday.
I have been performing at the New Hampshire Highland Games. If only the doubtful people of Scotland could come and see the esteem in which our small nation is held it may have emboldened them to really be Scotland the Brave…
Sang “Freedom Come All Ye” with Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas. Alasdair was heavily involved campaigning on line and was totally gutted.
The caber is returned for another throw…The Games are held at a Ski Resort, would love to get the chance to come zooming down here on a snowboard..
More pipe banders than you could shake a stick at…
I meet up with Richard, a fellow Malcolm at our Clan tent. He certainly has the Malcolm nose…
Unfotunately I am leaving New England just before the spectacular Fall colours but a few trees were already turning…

18th of September

by on Thursday, September 18th, 2014

“Now’s the day and now’s the hour..”
Well folks it’s finally here, the day which seemed so far away for so long. I have followed every twist and turn of this monumental tussle but I still don’t know what is going to happen. The polls and the bookies and all the pundits say no but I can’t quite believe it. Being Scottish is being prepared for disappointments with the occasional successes that come all the sweeter. I just hope that the people of Scotland have the bottle to stick the ball in the net. For the first time ever the ball is at their feet in the six yard box and the goalie is nowhere…

17th of September

by on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Had a great gig in New Haven CT on Sunday, special thanks to hosts Bob and Susan Frew. Bob is Scottish and they flew to Glasgow yesterday for the remembrance service of an old friend and will be sampling the heightened tension… I’ve had a couple of days off in New Hampshire getting humiliated by the local trout. I only managed to catch one small fish – I hope it is not a bad omen for tomorrow. Saw some lovely scenery though, it’s a really beautiful state.. Thanks to Mike Stiers for taking in a wandering minstrel. This is Lake Winnipeasaukee.
Caught one small trout here on the Contoocook river. Have a picture but it’s embarrassing…
Having trouble coping with the indyref now.. so close after all this time. absolutely no idea which way it’s going to go…

15th of September

by on Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Had a really great show with the Old Songs folks in Voorheesville NY last night, thanks to all the gang especially Andy and Bill. It was an absolutely horrible day of rain so no snaps I”m afraid, though Bill took a bunch during the show that I’m hoping to get a look at.
A couple of people were talking about the Outlander series on TV at the moment which is set in Scotland during the 1745 Jacobite Rising. This is the Actual stone that inspired Diana Gabeldon’s first novel.  It is at Clava Cairns near the harrowing Culloden battlefield. We visited there back in June. Strangely the hit series is not being broadcast in Scotland. I wonder why?

14th of September

by on Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Off on tour to the US. No were 20 pts ahead in the indyref when we began organising this trip…I thought being out of Scotland when yes got crushed was a good idea. Oh me of little faith! Here is a shot of the Lower Manhattan skyline from Newark Airport….with the replacement tower to the Twin Towers rising like a great phoenix….
Rick the piper was rattling out some great Scottish tunes to welcome folks to my show in Montague MA. My first gig went extremely well, thanks to all the good folks in the Amherst area especially Louise.