22nd of January

by susie on January 22nd, 2019

hi folks, a few pictures from a wee wander ‘doon toon’ this morning. And a site of interest to all you Jacobite/Outlander fans – the famous Salutation Hotel in Perth. It was here Charles Edward Stuart stayed whilst the Jacobite forces were mustered and drilled on the North Inch, the park beside the river Tay in the final picture. It is a very popular venue for all types of functions and has been at the heart of Perth’s social scene foe over three hundred years. It is also one of the many hostelries in Scotland that claim to be the oldest for some reason or another! the Brass plaque is very interesting and highlights the great deal of jeopardy the supporters of the fising were in after it’s failure.

Im off to the US tomorrow for my first tour of the year. I will be travelling up the West Coast and visiting many great folks that I’ve got to know over the years since those first trips with the Old Blind Dogs. I have a busy schedule, for details see the Concerts page on my website. I do hope to get a chance to go snowboarding towards the end, as the snow here has been totally absent. The Europeans have been having it all! I’m especially looking forward to getting away from Brexit for a while, which is doing all our heads in…wonder if there will be anything challenging happening across the pond…..

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