8th of January

by susie on January 8th, 2018

There’s no business like snow business.. as folks (with real jobs and school to go to) headed back to work I sloped off to the slopes with the pensioners and skivers – to find out if I could still slip down a hill attached to a single plank. The answer was barely. The great deal of padding I had on certainly reduced the prospect of injury. I once fell really hard on my backside and it was sore for two whole years. Now I have a cunningly placed cushion held in place with cable ties. Snowboarding was a genuine midlife crisis for me. When I arrived home with my board Susie rolled her eyes and said “at least it’s not a sports car.” I had felt the need to try something vaguely dangerous. Actually fishing is really dangerous but everyone thinks you are sitting all day on a wicker box smoking a slim panatela so it doesn’t count. Snow sports in Scotland are fairly marginal and last year it was absolutely hopeless, so you have to grab it when you can. This lot could have all melted by next week. This was the only selfie I took that didn’t have a big drip at the end of my nose. whheeeeeee!


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