5th of January

by susie on January 5th, 2018

Goodbye Christmas! It’s time to pack up Xmas 2017. I’m a bit superstitious generally and leaving up the tinsel and twinkle beyond the twelfth day is definitely a no no. With all the pipers piping outside it’s hard not to get the message. Thanks to everyone who sent us cards this year, as you can see they are fondly displayed above the piano that I wish I could play. Beth is here and has been tinkling away on it which is really nice. In fact Beth and I are rehearsing for a gig at Celtic Connections on the 19th of January, a nice warm up for me before my first tour of the year in the US. So it’s all coming down today including the tree which will no doubt shed a million needles in disgust. It always feels a bit ‘normal’ when the decorations are gone, but Spring Will Follow On!



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