15th of November

by susie on November 15th, 2015

My praline pecan upside-down apple pie, which was lovingly baked by Marcella in Homewood AL has become a wonderful highlight of my November tours. It is to die for and I display worryingly Gollumesque protectiveness towards it – my precious! It has to be turned upside down whilst still scalding hot in a operation that would shame the Great British Bake off judges. Oh and I also did a great concert at the Wren’s Nest.
Nice ass…I’ll get my coat…My hostess Dorlea in Northern Alabama has a menagerie of animals that her husband Glen looks after.These guys are very friendly.
This turkey is thinking very carefully about its Thanksgiving invitation..
This bird is literally a walking flytying shop, the translucent green herl in the tail is much prized in many different patterns.

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