2nd of November

by susie on November 2nd, 2015

Headed down to Tucson past the iconic Picacho Peak, scene of the most westerly confrontation during the Civil War….
My discerning hosts took me to the new Hamilton distillery in Tucson where they are making Del Bac single malt whisky. The malted barley is dried using mesquite wood as an alternative to peat, giving it a very distinctive flavour. It is matured in new oak casks, these are small ones which in the hot climate can bring the spirit to maturity astonishingly quickly. It is proving to be very popular and they are selling out – the next batch won’t be ready until February. As a picky Scotsman I was very impressed with their ethos and operation.
Their still looks quite different from the traditional Scottish ones but certainly produces a guid wee drappie!

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