29th of October

by susie on October 29th, 2015

A long haul to Phoenix Arizona, but worth it to see the sheer beauty of the desert. The big cactus is called a saujro and they are limited to two areas north and south of Pheonix . The smaller ones to the fore are called jumping choyas and I was attacked by one of the light spiky bits which pinged off (hence jumping) and stuck itself to my shoe. I had great difficultly getting it off and ended up with it digging to my bare foot. Attactus by a cactus! The desert is a wonderful place but it seems that everything is out to get you..
Scenery north of Pheonix with a type of rock formation known as a butte. There are hundreds of saujro cactus on the hillside.
Went to buy a fishing licence at Cabelas which is a massive supermarket size huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ store.
Wish I had asked what a gun library is..

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