2nd of October

by susie on October 2nd, 2015

Went to the bottle bank yesterday and felt that this fellow deserved a parting snap. It was probably the most enjoyed whisky from our recent tour of Scotland. I don’t get to drink this quality of stuff for myself but get to buy it for our tour tastings. Introducing folks to the ‘really good stuff’ has become something of a crusade for me, and it is delightful to see folks become curious and enthused about our national drink. This one came from Tobermory distillery on the Inner Hebridean Island of Mull. It was matured for twenty years in a cask which had previously held sherry from Spain. It had a wonderful ruby colour and rich fruity taste with a definite coastal/maritime hint. It was bottled by Cadenheads, Scotlands oldest independent bottlers. The trouble with this type of pure, single barrel Scotch is that there are only a limited number of bottles and when it’s gone it’s gone.. But I’m glad to say that I have squirreled away a couple of bottles for next year’s adventures!
erisk shit
Loved this recycling classification from a house we walked past on North Uist.

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