8th of December

by susie on December 10th, 2013

Bit tardy getting the final part of my last tour up. Here I am in Harlem Georgia near Augusta. I’m visiting the Laurel and Hardy Museum at Hardy’s birthplace. I’m gutted to discover that Stan Laurel was actually English. I’ve believed he was Scottish most of my life but infact despite being brought up in Glasgow he was born in Cumbria in the very north of England with English parents.  In referendum year I don’t think I can bear the disappointment…
Loads of amazing old Stan and Ollie stuff….
I used to watch these guys all the time when I was a nipper They were never off the box….
A real treasure trove..
A mural round the corner..
Nothing could be finer……the 8th state on this trip so far..
Had a super gig at Stonefield Winery north of Winston Salem among the maturing barrels…
As a whisky nut I would love to fill up some of these barrels with scotch when they are empty as wine casks can make really good stuff…
Last picture I took was of this bicycle plane that broke the world record for man-powered flight.I didn’t take that many pictures towards the end of the trip as the weather was poor. Infact it was warmer when I reached Scotland than it was when I left Washington DC.
I’d very much like to thank everyone who helped make this a great tour and to all those who came to see me play across the south.

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