18th of November

by susie on November 18th, 2013

It may be way out west but the bagpipes are alive and skirling in El Paso TX. The local band performed a wonderful opener for me. They were really nicely in tune and could hold their heads high at the likes of Braemar in Scotland. Thanks for the great show…
A couple of Scottish icons from the South West. A slightly squashed tartan cupcake- eat your clan! made by one of the pipe band And a piece of Rabbie memorabilia from Dave Mcnab…
Real pretzels from a bakery in the quaint German town of Fredricksburg TX
Texas T Party …lovely old model T Fords out for a rally near Austin….
Leaving Texas I came across this memorial to country singer Jim Reeves who was hugely popular in Scotland as well as many other places…
Galloway in Scotland? Someone must have been from there..
In 1814 we took a little trip, Along with General Jackson down the mighty Mississip……
Chief of the Louisiana MacCandlishes out on his frosty lawn- not what I was expecting temperature wise that far south…
Had to swap rental cars as there were three different warning lights showing This one’s got a banjo on its knee…
Connor, grandson of good folks in Birmingham-Richard and Dee bagged a bluegill in the pond next to their home..
A red necked slider turtle encountered on a day off fishing in Northern Georgia
My host Logan was giving me a bass catching lesson. Strangely the fish did not start biting until I played Lochanside on the harmonica then Bang!
A beautifully marked large mouthed bass…
I mostly caught these guys known as bluegills or brim. They are smaller but very tasty-much more so than trout..
Big thanks to the Sullivans….now back to work!

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