6th of November

by susie on November 6th, 2013

Catching up after a lap-top disaster, a wee broon troot from the beautiful Oak Creek, that runs through Sedona in Northern Arizona. I’ve fished there a few times but this time was the best as the river was much higher than usual after a wet autumn. A beautiful wild fish that I carefully returned…Had a smashing opening gig in Flagstaff, thanks to the Bartons..
The rocks around Sedona are spectacular…for those not hypnotised by the bonnie fish!…
Had a nice show in Prescott..thanks Clan McNab..and went for a walk by Willow Lake…
some cheerful rock art…
down towards Pheonix and one of the real iconic plants of America, the aguarro cactus… thousands of them…
Arizona has quite a lot of cotton where irrigation is possible.. here near Phoenix…
View of Pheonix from near where Liz and Mark live who put on a great house concert..
Reached New Mexico..here are the Organ Mountains – they are supposed to look like a church organ! my lovely host Trish introduced me to Hulu which lets you watch endless consecutive episodes of your favourite TV shows…help ma boab!

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