21st of October

by susie on October 21st, 2012

After a couple of weeks back home in Scotland I was off to Orlando Florida with a number of family members.

It was a special expedition to celebrate my big sister Alison’s fiftieth birthday. It was also the first time since starting to work in America back in 1999 that I’ve actually had a proper holiday here.

Big sis at the back, we had just terrified ourselves in the attraction behind

Sandy goes all Gene Kelly on us…

Sandy has to grin and bear it…

Spacey place at Epcot..

England at Epcot.. Some American once said to me – ‘we don’t need to go to Europe, we’ve got Epcot’

Beth with some fine revolutionary fellows..

Ahhh, the highlight of our whole trip, Harry Potter Land at Universal studios. We are a family of devout Potteronians…..

Hogsmeade which has been blended with Diagon Alley.. very well done..

The wand shop where they do the whole ‘It’s the wand that chooses the wizard’ schtick..

You can stock up on chocolate frogs in Honeydukes..

Sandy spent all his holiday money on this clobber..

The highly dangerous Monster Book of Monsters

Owls waiting for postal assignments..

We were tickled to see that our home town had made it on to the Hogwarts Express timetable

The serious dragon rollercoaster..

We named these cranes Frazer and Nialls. I’ll get my coat…

Magic Kingdom where Disney really goes over the top..Beth wishing upon a star…

One of my more repeatable nicknames in The Old Blind dogs was Woody….Don’t see the resemblance myself..

Can’t help but feel dwarfed by her beauty…

You shall go to the ball….at 11am, 1pm,3pm and 5pm.

Chim chiminee, chim chiminee, chim chim charoo…that sent the spellchecker frantic..

Animal Kingdom, just as well hippos dont eat fish…

Bunch of old crocks…

We really are the brainy ones….

king of the swingers

Strange and beautiful tree lady…

Very Jungle Book…

The impressive peak is actually a Yeti themed rollercoster..scary biscuits!

The tree of life which is covered with animals..

The grand finale…a firework display narrated by Jiminy Cricket.. so always let your conscience be your guide..right – back to work…

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