18th of September

by susie on September 18th, 2012

Last week in Fox River northern Illinois, on a beatiful autumnal day…made all the more wonderful by Andy Murray’s sensational US Open Tennis triumph the night before. As Scotland slept Andy ended a 76 year drought of grand slam titles for British players and has become Scotlands greatest ever sportsman…

my kind of town….

not worked much in this state…

I’ve got a girl… home of Gibson Guitars

A prominent politician lately claimed that the trees in his home state of Michigan are just the right size… see for yourself

Stayed with old pals in Caledonia, near Grand Rapids. They organised a spectacular Saltire welcome…

The best guitar shop on the planet….

Bass banjo

Bass ukelele?

Non guitar geeks look away… idea humidity for musical istruments

serious serious guitsrs…

tons of them…

Banjo heaven

Ukeleles galore..

mandolin madness

fiddles galore…

Bull fiddles

cheaper options…

have a cigar..


A collection of fluff balls removed from vintage guitars….known as tone balls

oh no a witch has reverse pinnochioed me…..
Hartland Michigan, a very hansome venue,,

Promised i’d post a photo of these lovely ‘Celtic Kettle’ ladies..

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