13th of August

by susie on August 13th, 2012

Since we are going to see the new Sottish based movie ‘Brave’ we thought we’d go and see the castle it was based around – Dunnottar near Stonehaven. More captions to follow……

Thistle do the trick… looking out along the North sea coastline

‘Come fly with me.. a very blue bottle.

Arty shot of a staircase inside the oldest part of the castle.

Some awfy bonnie flowers on a castle wall

The formidale entrance to the castle which held out against the whole of Cromwells army for eight months.

Sandy who has since had a good, short back-to-school haircut…


The Scottish crown jewels were held in the castle during the Cromwells 1650 seige but successfully smuggled out and hidden in a nearby church where they stayed hidden until the restoration ten years later. This restored room commemorates the efforts of those involved in saving the Honours of Scotland…

A nice coat of arms…

Very Robert the Bruce..

Looking out east there was a bit a regatta going on round the corner at Stonehaven.
You do meet some dodgy characters hanging around castles.

More arty nonsense

Lots of seabirds use the castle to nest. we found a big seagull chick waiting for mama with the fish…

Looking south into a little cove…

The kids decided that this was the cave that Harry and Dumbledore visit in the Half Blood Prince

We were there with the Laing family. Robin is a well known folk singer and whisky guru

Summer is not complete without a visit to ‘the berries’ here at Watsons fruit farm near Perth.

When I was a kid we lived on a farm surrounded by raspberry fields and we we forced to pick them as a summer job. When you go to sleep at night you see nothing but raspberries.

A bit like this…

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