26th of July

by susie on July 26th, 2012

Well Andy  did his best yet, reaching the final at Wimbledon and taking the first set before losing to Federer. Honour is satisfied and he gets another bite at Wimbledon this year in the Olympics. We have been under a state of Olympic siege and it’s about to go crazy. Up here in Scotland we have had the Olympic torch go by which was less impressive when we realised it had been ferried between towns in a bus. Yesterday we had the opening ladies football match in Glasgow between Columbia and North Korea. Unfortunately the South Korean flag was mistakenly used on the huge tv  graphics and the North Koreans stormed off. Since the North and South are technically still at war it was a major faux pas.

I have recently returned from a trip  to Germany where I was accompanied by my daughter Beth who is learning German at School. She sings and plays piano and is reasonably happy to perform folk music but prefers pop singers like Beyonce. I certainly got to hear a lot of Beyonce in the car! We did four concerts in the north east of Germany including a beautiful island called Amrum which is famous for its thatched cottages. We stayed with some old friends in Bremen, the Buchwalds,who  used to organise tours for me and they looked after us royally. We had a great time although the A|C in our car was not working and we got cooked. We had a night off on the way home in Amsterdam and went to see the Van Gogh Museum. Man was that poor fellow  under-appreciated in his short lifetime…

Unfortunately I remembered everything for the tour except my camera, so no pics…

PS have added some newly filmed songs to the back of the video section, from a festival appearance in Glenfarg earlier this year.

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