9th of April

by susie on April 9th, 2012

Big snowflakes from a few days ago. Some places in the north had quite a big fall but it went very quickly.

Easter, and we are up in Aberdeenshire. Bennachie, the most prominent hill in the lowlands to the east of the region.

Gight castle, where Lord Byron’s mother was born apparently.

We have come to roll these guys, a tradition I think meant to represent the rolling away of the stone at Christ’s tomb on Easter Sunday… The game which my wife Susie takes very seriously is to roll your egg as far as possible without breaking it. However the quicker it breaks the sooner you get to eat it.. Mine was painted as Beethoven so I could sing ‘Roll Over Beethoven’

Down this hill…

Gight castle, in need of some TLC.

Hagberry Pot – a pool on the river Ythan which runs below the castle. There’s supposed to be a crock of gold hidden down there. Sounds like a crock of something else…

Sloe bushes in bloom. Sloes are small dark bitter fruits much mentioned in old songs for their darkness and er bitterness…

Sandy is the King of the Castle, which makes me the dirty wee rascal.

Looking up the inside of a hollow tree.. as you do.

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