March 1st

by susie on March 1st, 2012

Two rivers to reset your soul. First the Isla just above its confluence with the Tay at Kinclaven. Secondly upstream of Kinclaven Bridge on the River Tay, very close to each other in Perthshire.

Close to here.

are these Fairy Hills of Caledonia? near Bankfoot north of Perth.

This one between Murthly and Kinclaven?

from the other side – it has to be one.

A stand of Scottish hazelnuts, which are sweet and crunchy gathered in September, the catkins are a good spring heads-up for observant huntergatherers.

Loads of tasty wild garlic getting ready to happen – yum….

The distinctive red sandstone bridge across the Tay at Kincalaven.

Not a day for snaps of hills – a bit hazy. But here’s Dunsinane the real ancient hill fort that features in Shakey’s famous Scottish play.

Thought that this bird could have been an osprey. Nearly had two of them but camera batteries ran out just when they  flew together.

Always had a thing about this cottage.

A flock of seagulls going nuts on the Tay  at Rome Croy.

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