3rd of November

by susie on November 4th, 2011



Tucson Arizona, where Chris and Mel take me to watch a pumkin chunkin at the local uni. Here is a machine for firing pumkins.

Here is the pumkin it fired, though not far enough to smash it.

Here are the serious ones that fired them pretty far.

As well as for distance they had to try and smash a wall, which the rubbish one did best.

Signs for this infamous attraction can be seen for scores of miles in southern Arizona. It costs a dollar.

….. Mummy!…..

                                                                Old pals the Ponsfords in El Paso, have an organic waste disposal unit in their kitchen

  Into West Texas – mamba country……….

My rental car got attacked by a West Texas tumbleweed.

Oils well that ends well. There are thousands of these guys nodding away glooping up oil from the desert.

There are also a surprising number of windmills but it was dark by the time I reached them.

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