30th of October

by susie on October 31st, 2011

Hello folks as you can see there has been a bit of a drought here in Perthshire. No, I’m in Arizona where the seguaro cactus are like something out of a cartoon. I landed in Phoenix and headed up to Flagstaff, through a landscape dominated by these guys.

Sedona from a distance, famous for it’s red rock and canyons

Lots of these amazing features

I was planning to do a spot of fishing in Oak Creek but when I got to Sedona the overnight rain had turned it into a chocolate river  worthy of Willy Wonkas factory.

So I spent a bit of time looking at galleries with super pricey statues like this angry looking feathered friend.

This chap is out to hunt for the bear necessities

And this lady  is a real charmer – of snakes.

As I climbed out of Sedona the river was strangely clear, so I had a few casts and was roundly humiliated by the trout. So nothing new there then.

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